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Every day we receive email from well-meaning persons that is not relevant to the mission and capabilities of the MSRPA. Unfortunately, much time is taken responding in the negative to these email requests. Before contacting the Webmaster, please follow these guidelines:

  • For issues concerning the NRA, please contact the NRA.
  • For questions about particular firearms, please contact the firearms manufacturer.
  • For questions about programs of the MSRPA, contact the person designated in your DownRange newsletter.
  • For issues concerning the DownRange, email the DownRange editor.
  • All of the information possessed by the Webmaster is within the web pages of the MSRPA. If you wish to contact the web developer for technical questions, visit for contact information.
  • Questions or comments regarding the contents of the web page may be directed to one of the officers of the organization:
    • President: Jeff Andrews (Email)
    • 2nd Vice President: Andi Morony (Email)
    • Lobbyist: Michael Doherty (Email)
    • Secretary: Michael Bruzdzinski (Email)
    • Treasurer: James I. Bryant (Email)
    • Press Inquiries: Andi Morony 410-490-2734 or (Email)

You may also fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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